dolly-becomes-a-scout-cover-www-mwa-company-rgb-72dpi-3d-bookMeet Dolly, a sweet and dependable hand truck! Dolly is in for some free-wheelin’ fun as she helps Michelle’s Girl Scout troop with their cookie project. But when disaster strikes, Dolly finds herself stranded and scared. Will she be reunited with her family?

Vocabulary words are sprinkled throughout the book with puzzles in the back to provide fun ways for the readers to learn their spelling. Factual articles on baseball and dog training prove helpful to readers including direction on where to find more information if interested.

Full of fun, family values and educational information, readers will be anxious to read the other books in the series: A Hand Truck Named Dolly and A Dolly, a Dog, and a Camper.

Written by Kay Whitehouse and Illustrated by Mark Wayne Adams