In search of her grandparents’ fabled Field of Dreams, Dusty sets out with her new friend Gus to find a place where she can plant her own spectacular “Seeds of Success.” Nightingale once again works magic to show two willing farmers that goals and hard work are the tools necessary to create a beautiful Field of Dreams—anywhere. Welcome to the Growing Field. Let your journey continue.

About the Growing Field Series The Growing Field series was inspired by, and written in memory of Mark Hoog‘s colleague, mentor, and friend Jason Dahl, the Captain of Flight 93 that crashed in Pennsylvania on September 11, 2001. The Growing Field Series unlocks the six secret keys to making a child’s dream come true. Each of the six stories is specially designed to capture children’s attention and help them begin building their leadership capabilities!

Field of Dreams is part of our Indie Summer Reading List for Students! Purchase your own or check the book out at the local library. If it’s not available at the library, request it be added.