OUTBACK-Bothers & Sinisters-www.markwayneadams.com-3D-book-72DPI-RGBSibling rivalries erupt when the Qweepie family relocates from the Florida suburbs to a dilapidated Western Kentucky farm. Killiope, known as Driew Qweepie’s big sinister, is plotting against her little bother. Her unaffectionate schemes alert Driew to the dangers of being lost, stolen, or escaping the farm out backDuring Driew’s fight for sinister respect, he and Gulia, the Australian girl-next-door, uproot a magic man’s Outback secret.

There are no chapters in life—only moments. The Family Tree Novel Series is written and illustrated for adventurous readers. Not only can readers explore the content by researching facts and fiction, but also learn a new Australian vocabulary within the story.

For generations, the family tree records words and sing-song that wind deep in its core. Children playing in or around the tree may accidentally sever or uproot disturbing moments hidden in their Outback.

Adopting new words and terms helps better describe life Outback and how you lived it. Family Tree Novel readers are introduced to a variety of Australian, American, and Qweepie vernacular throughout the novel series. Choose to adopt or to adapt these terms in your Outback language using the “Language of the Outback” glossary included.

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