The 2017 Readers’ Favorite Illustration Award recognizes books with quality illustrations. All illustration types are welcome and there are no requirements on how many illustrations you must have to compete for the award. Whether your book is a children’s picture book or an illustrated how-to guide, as long as your book has original illustrated artwork that you either created yourself or had created by an artist, then you can enter your book to compete for this additional award.

The Illustration Award is a separate award, which may be won by its self or in conjunction with a standard Gold, Silver, Bronze, Honorable mention or Finalist award in your primary contest category.

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Sid the Sasquatch

Sid the Sasquatch by Wendy Elliott—Joseph Cowman, Illustrator (Read the review…)

Buddy the Soldier Bear

Buddy the Soldier Bear by Marie Joy—Brandon Pollard, Illustrator (Read the review…)

The Amazing Snowman Duel

The Amazing Snowman Duel by Yossi Lapid—Joanna Pasek, Illustrator (Read the review…)



Its Just A Circumstance

It’s Just A “Circumstance” by Patrice Lee (Read the review…)


The Tale of Titos Tail

The Tale of Tito’s Tale by Wendy Butler (Read the review…)

Graphic Novel

Max & Charlie

Max & Charlie by Zack Lieberman—Louis Neubert, Illustrator (Read the review…)


Spirit Quest

Spirit Quest by Bob MacKenzie—Sharlena Wood, Illustrator (Read the review…)

Young Adult

Bedtime Horrors

Bedtime Horrors by Nic Kristofer Black—Jorge Gonzalez, Illustrator (Read the review…)