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Illustrator Life Episode 1

Episode 1: “Pilot”

Mark Wayne Adams, award-winning author, illustrator, and public speaker, asks questions every illustrator should answer before choosing a professional illustration career.

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Illustrator Life Episode
Episode 2: “Building a Business Plan”

Building a business that works within your day job will be useful transitioning to a full-time illustration career. Develop an annual plan with realistic goals for: contracts, diversified income streams, time management, and more.

Episode 2 Homework

 Illustrator Life Episode

Episode 3: “Pricing Illustrations”

Illustration pricing varies among professionals and projects. The simple formula discussed in Illustrator Life Episode 3 helps illustrators customize pricing quickly for picture book author and publisher clients.

Episode 3 Homework

Illustrator Life Episode

Episode 4: “Client Meet Cutes”

Meeting new clients can happen anytime. As discussed in Illustrator Life Episode 4  illustrators, Mark shares how an illustrator  “elevator spiel” can become a  memorable client meet cute.

Episode 4 Homework


Illustrator Life Episode

Episode 5: “Shipping Books”

Packaging and shipping signed books is for Illustrators. It’s not only an author task. Use these tools for your efficiency and success. Create a shipping method that works for your business and book releases.

Shipping Supplies Used in Episode 5


Episode 6: “Booth Setup”

Event booth setup involves multiple tasks: display assembly, banner, inventory, and much more. Use this video in planning book festival booth setup.

Supplies used in Booth Setup

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